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Jim Werbaneth is a full-time instructor in political science at American Public University System, and an adjunct instructor of political science at the University of Arizona Global Campus.  He holds  Bachelors and Master of Arts degrees in political science from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, and his Masters thesis is titled The Ideological Foundations of the Salvadoran Revolution.  In addition, he is a graduate of Shady Side Academy, also in Pittsburgh.  Currently, besides teaching at American Public University System, he earned a second Master of Arts with honors in military history, concentrating on World War II, on August 15, 2016.

Since earning his first MA in 1985, he has shown the need for adaptability, pursuing a variety of careers.  He spent eight and a half years in banking, in international letters of credit, purchasing, and an executive-level project to institute cost-saving initiatives, especially in the technology areas.  He also worked in information technology and human resources as a contractor and, the last career before academia, sold supplementary health insurance.  He remains licensed to sell life and health insurance in Pennsylvania.

However, for the last two and a half decades, he has worked as a free-lance writer and wargame designer and developer, either in concert with a "day job" or alone.  His articles appeared regularly in the Avalon Hill Game Company house organ The General, plus Command magazine, Strategy & Tactics, World War II, Military History, and Against the Odds, among others.  His first published wargame design, Inchon, appeared in Command Issue 9 (March-April 1991); the game was a co-winner of the Charles S. Roberts Award as the best boardgame on a post-World War II subject for the year.

The same year he founded Line of Departure wargaming magazine, which remains an active, independent voice in the wargaming industry, publishing game reviews, analysis, scenarios, and supplements.  It has won the Charles S. Roberts Award five  times, for 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, and 2011.

The magazine is supported as well by Line of Departure Online Features.  This web site presents similar a similar range of projects, along with historical analysis and commentary, and even offers a free, downloadable wargame.

Additionally, he publishes his own downloadable wargames, starting with Rommel at Gazala, a fun and easy to learn treatment of the Axis victory outside of Tobruk in 1942.  Look for more titles in 2016 and 2017, as Rommel at Gazala is now being published in a professional, improved edition by Lock 'n Load.

Further, Jim is an experienced game developer, beginning with the Civil War titles Bloodiest Day and They Met at Gettysburg for Spearhead Games.  Until January 2015, he was the staff developer for Turning Point Simulations, working on a series of small, playable games on the most decisive battles of history.

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