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Academic Blog Post on GrogHeads.com
“Unlocked Potential: The Legacy of the War of 1812 to the United States”



Paper Presented to the War of 1812 Bicentennial Conference of the New York Military Affairs Symposium, New York City, March 30, 2012.

“Defense, Reaction and Passivity: British Strategy toward New York and New England in the War of 1812”



Paper Presented to the Conference of Army Historians, conducted by the United States Army's Center of Military History in Arlington, Virginia, July 27, 2011.

"Counterproductive Distractions: Britain's American Diversion in the Pursuit of Victory Over Revolutionary and Napoleonic France."


Turning Point Simulations (January 2017)
The Sadowa Campaign (Austro-Prussian War in Bohemia, 1866)


Lock ‘n Load Publications (June 2015)
Rommel at Gazala (World War II Desert Battle in North Africa, 1942) ― Improved, professional edition of 2006 game.


Self-Published (July 2006)

Rommel at Gazala (World War II Desert Battle in North Africa, 1942)



GMT Games (December 1994)

Britain Stands Alone (Hypothetical Situation, German Invasion of the United Kingdom, 1940)



Command Magazine (Issue 9 ― March-April 1991)

Inchon (Korean War Operation, 1950) ― Co-Winner of the Charles S. Roberts Award for the Best Post-World War II Game of the Year.




Lock 'n Load Games (2007)

World at War: Eisenbach Gap (Hypothetical Soviet-American World War III Battles, Set in 1985)


Flintlock: Carolina Rebels (Revolutionary War Battles Set in North and South Carolina)



Spearhead Games (1996)

They Met at Gettysburg (Civil War Battle)



Spearhead Games (1995)

Bloodiest Day: The Battle of Antietam (Civil War Battle)



Turning Point Simulations (2017)

The Vicksburg Campaign (Civil War Operations in Mississippi, 1863)

The Invincible Armada (Naval Operations Between Spain and England, 1688)


Turning Point Simulations (2015)
The Victory of Arminius (Ancient Battle of Teutoburger Wald, 9)


The Battle of Hastings (Early Medieval Battle, 1066)




Turning Point Simulations (2013)

The Siege of Syracuse (Peloponnesian War Campaign, 415-413 BCE)


The Battle of Saratoga (Revolutionary War Tactics, 1777)


The Battle of the Metaurus (Punic War Tactics, 207 BCE)


The Battle of Midway (Naval Warfare in World War II)



Turning Point Simulations (2012)

The Battle of Tours (Frankish-Arab Battle in Modern-Day France, 732 CE)


The Battle of Stalingrad: Pivot on the Volga (Operational-Level Game of the Drive on Stalingrad and Soviet Counteroffensive)


Joan of Arc's Victory (Strategic-Level Game of the Hundred Year's War)


The Great Northern War: Dread Poltava's Day (Strategic-Level Eighteenth-Century Warfare in the Baltic and Russia)




Seven Chapters in 101 Stumbles in the March of History: What if the Great Mistakes of War, Government, Industry and Economics Were Not Made?, edited by Bill Fawcett, Published by Penguin Books, 2016.


Book Reviews in the Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Review Annual, published by Florida Atlantic University, 1988, 1989, 1990, and 1991 Editions.




Numerous book reviews published by The Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Fantasy Review, and Strategy & Tactics magazine, from 1984.  Reviews of books on military history and international relations published in Military Review, the leading intellectual journal of the United States Army, starting in May 2009.






Number 46 (January 2017)
Winning the Battle for History: Germany Versus the Soviet Union

Number 36 (February 2012)
Some Lessons From the Senior Genre: What Board Wargame Designers Can Learn From Miniatures Rules

Volume V, Number 1 (October 2006)
Precision & Resolution: Precision-Guided Munitions and Combat Resolution in Operational Wargames

2006 Annual (Published July 2006)
Roundtable of Consim Artists (Interviews)





Issue Number 02 October 2015 
The Battle of the Coral Sea: A Battle Analysis





January 30, 2009

His Majesty’s Corsairs (The Bent-Wing Bird Part 2)




January 29, 2009

The Bent-Wing Bird: The F4U Corsair at War (Part 1)




November 3, 2008

The Wrong Tank in the Right Place: The American M3 Grant




July 24, 2008

The Flawed Queen of the Battlefield: Britain's Matilda Tank




July 1, 2008

The Battle of the River Plate




June 25, 2008

The Voyage of the Graf Spee (Part 2)




June 24, 2008

The Voyage of the Graf Spee (Part 1)






June 1998

Crusaders' Siege of Antioch




May 1992

Helpful Conduct by the Enemy (The Battle of Gazala, May-June 1942)




Issue 45 (October 1997)
England’s Final Hour?: Operation Sea Lion



Issue 16 (May-June 1992)

Eagles in the Sand: The Battle of Carrhae, 53 BC



Issue 9 (March-April 1991)

McArthur's Gambit: Inchon to Seoul, September 1950



Issue 1 (November-December 1989)

Fletching the Arrows: The Luftwaffe in Spain





Number 77 (October-November 1993)

Soldiers: Tactics in the First Months of World War I 



Number 61 (February-March 1991)

On the Production Spiral: MacArthur's Gambit




Number 70 (Holiday 1990)

1914 (Classic Wargaming Series)



Number 66 (June/July 1990)

The Siege of Jerusalem: Review & Analysis of the New Edition



Number 57 (August-September 1998)

Patton Goes to War (Game Review)



Number 55 (September/October 1987)

Encore for the Emperor: A Profile of Clash of Arms' Napoleonic Game (The Emperor Returns)




Number 159 (March 1993)

Sword of Lead: Why Iraq Failed in Operation "Desert Storm"




Volume 2, Number 13 (Origins Convention Issue -- June 1989)

Simulations for Education: Learning and Teaching From Wargames




Volume 26, Number 3 (1990)

A Flame in the Gulf: The Iran-Iraq War and Firepower


Volume 25, Number 6 (1990)
Special Air Service: The SAS and Firepower


Volume 25, Number 2 (1989)

The Laager: South Africa's War and Firepower


Into the Jungle: Player's Notes on Platoon



Volume 24, Number 5 (1988)

Swords of the Republic: Roman Play in Caesar


Breaking the Ring: Gallic Play in Caesar



Volume 24, Number 1 (1987)

The Pact: Central European Conflict and Firepower



Volume 23, Number 6 (1987)

Revolution Against the Revolution: The Nicaraguan Contra War and Firepower



The Long Haul: Axis Strategy in The Russian Campaign


Beyond Manifest Destiny: American Play in Pax Britannica  (Reprinted in The General's Special "Best Of" Issue for Origins 1988.) 


Volume 23, Number 4 (1987)

Fate of Empire: A Solitaire Variant of Stellar Conquest 



Volume 22, Number 6 (1986)

Struggle for El Salvador: The FMLN and Firepower 



Volume 22, Number 4 (1986)

Active Retreat: Effective Defense in Panzerkrieg 



Volume 22, Number 2 (1985)

The Airpower System: Understanding Land-Based Air Assets in Flat Top




Issue 34 (October 1988)

Mission: Grenada (Game Review)


Issue 81 (Spring 2018)

Crisis and Triumph on the Northern Front: A Review of No Middle Ground

Nathanael Greene at War: Two Battles of the American Revolution, in GMT’s Guilford

Levels of Difficulty: The Challenges of Artificial Intelligence in the Standard Game of Age of Empires II HD

The Tactical Turning Point: Lessons from PanzerBlitz


Issue 80 (Spring/Summer 2017)

ISIS and the New Modern: A Review of Islamic State: Libya War

Insurgency Among the Stars: Simulating Revolutionary War in Freedom in the Galaxy

Victory Through Ambush: Tactics in The Victory of Arminius

Soviet Airborne Night Assault 1980: A Scenario for Firepower


Issue 79 (Fall 2016)

Return to the Third World War: A Review of the GMT Games Edition of MBT

Fictional Battles, Fictional Game: Battalion-Level Battles of World War III, in Dawn’s Early Light

Raiders of the China Seas: Additional Scenarios for Avalanche Press’ U.S. Navy Plan Orange

Second Front Now!: The Campaign in the West, in Fortress Europa

Guns in the Forest: The Climactic Battle of Pontiac’s Rebellion, in The Battle of Bushy Run


Issue 78 (Spring 2016)
Gunflashes in the Night: A Review of Iron Bottom Sound III

Six Days of War: Middle Eastern Battles in 1967: Sword of Israel

High Definition Addiction: The Return of Age of Empires HD Edition, in All of its Glory

Battles of the Bundeswehr 1989: Scenarios for Avalon Hill's Edition of MBT

The Political War: The Portrayal of Politics in Victory’s Vietnam 1965-1975


Issue 77 (2015)
Amateurs on the Potomac: Fighting the Civil War’s Neglected Early Battle, in The Battle of Ball’s Bluff

Coming Attractions: Developer's Notes for The Invincible Armada

Variety of Battle: Scenario Design Notes for Firepower


Issue 76 (Fall/Winter 2014)
Big Totally Massive Box of Giant Science Fiction: Ogre Reborn as the Designer’s Edition

Coming Attractions: Designer’s Notes for The Battle of Sadowa

Little War on the Frontier: Simple Tactics in the French and Indian War Battle Collection

The General and the Old Tanks: Scenarios for the T-55 and T-62 in Avalon Hill’s MBT

Adventures of the Great King: The Avalon Hill Version of Frederick the Great



Issue 75 (Summer 2014)
Civil War on River and Sea: A Review of Rebel Raiders on the High Seas

Tactics Before ASL: Squad Leader and its Modules

Two Visions of Vietnam: Command Magazine's Minigames of the Vietnam War

NATO v Warsaw Pact, 1973: Two Additional Scenarios for the Original Red Star/White Star, from SPI

Coming Attractions: Paul Rohrbaugh's The Vicksburg Campaign, for Turning Point Simulations


Issue 74 (Spring 2014)
Empire Made Simple: A Review of Struggle for New France

Plan Colombia: Counterinsurgency in GMT’s Andean Abyss

Imagining the Modern: The Birth of Hypothetical Modern Tactics, in SPI’s Red Star/White Star

Mission Capable: The Understated Problems of the Ambush in Firepower
Coming Attractions: Developer’s Notes For The Battle of Hastings, for Turning Point Simulations


Issue 73 (Spring/Summer 2013)
Turning Point in the Central Pacific: Saipan 1944 Takes the Panzer Grenadier System to the Marianas

The Forgotten Triumph: A Review of Defeat Into Victory, From Against the Odds Magazine

Throwing Large Rocks Into Space: Space Combat and Genocide in Double Star

Free-For-All on Ancient Seas: Simulating Naval Battles in the Classical Era with Trireme

Issue 72 (Fall/Winter 2012)
Panzers on the Meuse: Review of Sedan, May 1940 in World at War

The Fox, Alone: Solitaire Gaming with Dan Verssen's Field Commander Rommel

More Battles of World War III: NATO-Warsaw Pact Scenarios for Avalon Hill's Firepower

A Very Small Waterloo: Avalon Hill's Hundred Days Battles

Modern Warfare at Sea: Then-Current Naval Battles in SPI's Task Force

Three Battles Afloat: Additional Scenarios for Task Force

Coming Attractions: Developer’s Notes to The Victory of Arminius


Issue 71 (Spring/Summer 2012)
Across the Delaware: A Review of Washington’s Crossing 

A Question of Execution: Promise, Success and Failure in SPI’s Red Sun Rising 

Red Sun Rising Naval Displays 

Before the Gates of Paris: The Pivotal Battle of the Great War, in We Shall Fight on the Marne 

Desert Twilight for the Panzerblitz System: Understanding Avalon Hill’s The Arab-Israeli Wars 


Issue 70 (Fall/Winter 2011)

Objective Sevastopol: A Review of GMT’s Barbarossa: Crimea 1941-1942 

A Blitzkrieg of Quality: Tactics and Command in Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear, Russia 1941-1942 

Big Box of Barbarossa: Early Great Patriotic War Tactics in Panzer Grenadier: Eastern Front Deluxe 

Ratifying Stalingrad: Why the Decision on the Volga Needed More to Be Truly Decisive


Issue 69 (Summer/Fall 2011)

A Newer Swarm of Hornets: A Review of the Most Recent DVG Edition of Hornet Leader

Détente No More: Three Scenarios for Avalon Hill's MBT

The Age of Jets: SPI's Air War and its Times

Attack Tactics: Using American Carrier Aviation on the Offensive in Harpoon Classic

Issue 68 (Winter 2010)

First Strike, Over the Horizon: Coral Sea Introduces Players to The Second World War at Sea 


Going Home to Gaul: A Review of Caesar in Gaul 


Queen Victoria's Wars: The Sun Never Sets on Three Conflicts 


Coming Attractions: Developer's Notes to The Siege of Syracuse



Issue 67 (Summer 2010)

Blitzkrieg to the Edge of the Earth: Mark Simonitch's The Caucasus Campaign Passes in Review 


Leaving Luzon: A Review of Panzer Digest Magazine's Solitaire Game The Fall of the Philippines 


Broken Battles: The Greatest Flaw of Caesar's Legions 


Return to the Battleground: The Matrix Games Editions of the Battleground Series 


Coming Attractions: Developer's Notes to Saratoga



Issue 66 (Winter 2009/Spring 2010)

When France Faced the Abyss, and the Abyss Stared Back: A Review of Ici, C'est la France! 


Greek Against Greek: Fighting the Peloponnesian War With Wooden Blocks in Athens & Sparta 


Lessons From the Fall: Things Learned from Avalon Hill's France 1940 


Coming Attractions: Developer's Note to The Battle of Midway



Issue 65 (Summer/Fall 2009)


The Tiger Resists: A Review of Storm Over Taierzhuang 


…And the Bell Tolls for Thee: Spain's Agony Comes to the Computer, in HPS Simulations' Spanish Civil War 


An Army Not Ready for Victory: Rommel's Last Gamble in Tunisia, in GMT's Kasserine 


When Britain Ruled the Waves: Naval Surface Combat in the Age of Dreadnoughts in Jack Greene's The Royal Navy



Issue 64 (Winter 2008/Spring 2009)

Indian Armies at War: The Rise of the Mauryan Empire in GMT's Chandragupta 

Ancient Tactics By the Block: Fighting the Battles of the Punic Wars in Richard Borg's Command & Colors: Ancients 

Fire at the Foot of the Mountain: SPI's Cedar Mountain in the Great Battles of the American Civil War 


Slamming the Back Gate Shut: Fighting the Climactic Battle in Normandy, in Falaise Pocket



Issue 63 (Fall 2008)

Las Guerras de la Liberacíon: Una Critica de Guerra a Muerte, en Against the Odds


Birth of a Nation, the Short Version: A Review of Israeli Independence


Airborne Operations in Real Time: Fighting for Greece and Beyond on the Computer, in Conquest of the Aegean


Old Dogs Bite Back 1981: A Scenario for Avalon Hill's MBT


Mongol Dawn: The Mongol Army in Devil's Horsemen



Issue 62 (Spring/Summer 2008)

This Was Manila: Review of Manila '45, From Strategy & Tactics 


Freedom's Back Against the Wall: The Cold War Turns Hot, in The Next War 


The Reich's First U-Boats: The Type IA and Type II Boats for Avalon Hill's Submarine 


Mobile Defense on the Plains of Burma: The British Mission in A Master Stroke



Issue 61 (Winter 2007)

Return to the Front: A Review of Matrix Games' New Imagining of Battlefront

Coming Attractions: Developer's Notes to Joan of Arc's Victory: "Render to the Maid!"

Alexander, King and God: The Greatest Ancient Campaign, in The Conquerors: Alexander the Great

The Phoenix Comes Home to Roost: The End of the Great Patriotic War in Red Vengeance

Scenario-Building Issues in MBT and IDF: Problems and Solutions to Designing Scenarios for Avalon Hill's Modern Tactical Wargames


 Issue 60 (Summer/Fall 2007)

The North Sea Monster: A Review of Jutland in the Great War at Sea Series

The New Capital Ships: Carriers at War Returns to the Computer

The Alternative Press: Battle-Market and Panzer Digest

The Themes of Firepower: The Foundations of Avalon Hill's Game of Man-to-Man Combat in the Modern Era  



Issue 59 (Spring 2007)

Vertical Envelopment: A Review of Airborne Task Force for the Computer

The Truest Microgame: Fighting for Guadalcanal in Action Front! Watchtower

Coming Attractions: Developer's Notes For The Hammer and World at War: Eisenbach Ridge

Krieg und Sieg: World War II Eastern Front Operations in Avalon Hill's Panzerkrieg


Issue 58 (Winter 2006)

Our Oldest Ally and Our Newest Enemy: Fighting the Franco-American Naval War of 1922, in U.S. Navy Plan Gold

A World Still at War: A Review of The Operational Art of War III

The First Toehold: Amphibious Operations in GMT's Invasion Sicily

Doctrines of Limits and Mass: Soviet and Arab Doctrine in Avalon Hill's MBT and IDF


Issue 57 (Fall 2006)

Conflicts for a Continent: Birth of America, Born for the Computer

The First Shots of the First World War: Avalon Hill's 1914, In Retrospective

Additional Rules for 1914: Optional Rules to Adjust and Balance the Game

OnLine of Departure Support: The US Navy's Lexington-Class Battlecruisers, for Quarterdeck's The Royal Navy


Issue 56 (Summer 2006)

Once Upon a Time in Mexico, the French Version: A Review of Cactus Throne

Bloodbath on the Golan Heights: Armored Tactics on Yom Kippur, in Armchair General Magazine's Valley of Tears

Tales of the Surcouf: Scenarios for the Largest Boat in Submarine

A Choice of Beaches: Invasion Alternatives in Strategic-Level Operation Overlord Games



Issue 55 (Spring 2006)

The End of Custer’s Luck: A Review of Battle of the Little Bighorn, From Khyber Pass Games

Mounting DTP Counters: Or Not Mounting Them, As the Case May Be

Cavalry and the Far West: The Promised Insets for the Previous Issue’s Article on Victory Games’ The Civil War

Shrapnel’s Desert Task Force: A Review of The Star and the Crescent

Holding Onto That Hard-Fought Field: Defensive Tactics in the Musket & Pike Battle Series


Issue 54 (Winter 2005)

Glorious Visions: Napoleonic Strategy and Tactics in Crown of Glory

Minefield Alternatives: A Quick and Simple Way of Plotting Minefields in the Great War at Sea Series

The Missing Keystone: The Place of Northern Waters in The Great War at Sea

War of Secession: Elements of Victory Games' The Civil War


Issue 53 (Fall 2005)

God is My Copilot: A Review of Chennault’s First Fight

Apocalypse Cancelled: NATO-Warsaw Pact Conflict in GDW’s The Third World War: Battle for Germany

Glory and Mortality: A Review of Campaigns on the Danube For the Personal Computer

The Missing Monoplane: Bristol’s Innovative M1.C, for Richtofen’s War

Issue 52 (Summer 2005)

Panzerschreck Goes Professional: Brandy Station and Race to the Vistula in Panzerschreck Issue 14

The Yom Kippur War, According to SPI: Middle East Tactics in October War

Optional Doctrine and Advanced Panic Rules for October War

Spatial Abstractions: Avalon Hill’s Edition of Stellar Conquest


Issue 51 (Spring 2005)


Death Rides a Pale Pony: Great Battles of History Looks at Great Battles of the Mongols, In Devil’s Horsemen

Half a World Away From Home: Globe-Spanning Naval Operations in Cruiser Warfare

A Break in the Morning Calm: Raging Tiger and the Next Korean War, For the Personal Computer

One Bad Day in Afghanistan: Colonial Combat in Maiwand


Issue 50 (Winter 2004)

Atatürk’s Victory: A Review of Perry Moore’s Bir Büyük Türk Saldiri

Tank By Tank, Shot By Shot: Simulating Desert Armored Tactics in Avalon Hill’s Tobruk

The Great Pacific War of 1930: U.S. Navy War Plan Orange and The Great War at Sea

Optional Rules and Player’s Aids for U.S. Navy War Plan Orange and The Great War at Sea

Like Gladiators They Fought: Rebel Advantages in I am Spartacus


Issue 49 (Summer-Fall 2004)

Alas Poor Mexico!: Tactics of the Mexican War in Gringo!

Pyrrhic Victory in East Africa: Khyber Pass Games' Tactical System in Jassin 1915

The Troubled Cruiser: Adding the USS San Jacinto to The Ironclads and Shot and Shell

Different Roads to Waterloo: The Last Campaign in The Emperor Returns


Issue 48 (Winter 2003-Spring 2004)

Real Turn Strategy: Science Fiction Wars in Massive Assault

Great Battles of King and Parliament: Fighting This Accursed Civil War

Against the Wall: Urban Combat in SPI's Berlin '85

Vietnam For Beginners: Avalon Hill's Introductory Game Platoon


Issue 47 (Fall 2003)

Winter Fire 1944: A Review of Korsun Pocket For the Personal Computer

Typhoon on a Desktop: A Review of Panzerschreck Magazine's Operation Typhoon

Omnia Gallia In Partes Tres Divisa Est: Gauls, Romans and a Deck of Cards in Julius Caesar

The First Blitzkrieg: The Campaign of Poland '39


Issue 46 (Summer 2003)

Run Through the Jungle: Vietnam War Tactics in Mark H. Walker's Lock 'n Load

The War Ensemble: The Complete Operational Art of War, in TalonSoft's Century of Warfare

Frozen Modernity: The Missing Progress of Avalon Hill's Firepower


Issue 45 (Spring 2003)

Monster On the Volga: A Review of the Third Edition of Streets of Stalingrad

Guns In the Forest: Fighting the Wilderness War

Globe and Anchor: The Verdict On Semper Fi For the Computer

OnLine of Departure Support: A Scenario For the Broodwar Expansion to Starcraft


Issue 44 (Winter 2002)

Friedrich Über Alles: Tactics From the Age of Reason, in Prussia’s Glory

Return of the Terrorists: America Goes Back to War in Real War: Rogue States

One Ring to Rule Them All: The Conflict For Middle Earth in War of the Ring

Longstreet's Charge, in Miniature: Fighting the Second Day of Gettysburg With Harvest of Death


Issue 43 (Fall 2002)

Campaigns Along the Niagara: A Review of A Mere Matter of Marching

Age of Victors: Strategies For Taking the Offensive in The Age of Kings and The Conquerors

OnLine of Departure Support: A Russo-Japanese Steel Panthers: World at War Scenario, From the Nomonhan Incident

Desert Defense 1984: A Scenario for Avalon Hill's MBT, Using Maps From IDF

January Lightning: The Panzer Offensive of Budapest '45


Issue 42 (Summer 2002)

The Devil and Deep Blue Sea: A Review of Uncommon Valor

Almost Famous: Adding the USS Wyoming to The Ironclads and Shot and Shell

Arms Cast Down Before Caesar: The Romans Against the Gauls, in Avalon Hill's Caesar (Alesia)

Victory of the Desert Fox: Moments in History's 1994 Debut With Triumphant Fox


Issue 41 (Spring 2002)

Lenin's War: A Review of Ted Raicer's Reds!

First Campaign in West Africa: Togoland 1914 in Review

The Eclipse of Force: How Changes in the Paradigm of Operational Warfare Will Change Operational Games

Playtest Report: Mark Walker's Engaged!

OnLine of Departure Support: An Operation Barbarossa Scenario for Steel Panthers: World at War


Issue 40 (Winter 2001)

RTS American Style: A Review of Real War

Red Star Over Afghanistan: Marx Versus Mohammed in Holy War: Afghanistan

Zion Aflame: Ancient Urban Warfare in Avalon Hill's The Siege of Jerusalem

OnLine of Departure Support: Two Scenarios for the Expanded Starcraft


Issue 39 (Summer/Fall 2001)


Crisis in Tunisia: A Review of Kasserine

Colonials on the Attack: SPI's Final Work, in Monmouth

OnLine of Departure Support: Two Steel Panthers II Scenarios, Featuring the US Army in the Middle East

Battleground at the Crossroads: TalonSoft's Seminal Battleground 2: Gettysburg Computer Game

A Lesser Burden: Improved Record-Keeping in MBT and IDF


Issue 38 (Spring 2001)

A Most Solid House of Cards: First World War Grand Strategy in Paths of Glory's Second Edition

Industrial Fantasy: The World of Warcraft II

Federals Across the Rappahannock: Union Play in Stonewall's Last Battle


Issue 37 (Winter 2000)

Warfare in the Age of Reason: Eighteenth-Century Computer Battles in Horse & Musket

Lions of the Desert: A Review of Sand in the Whirlwind

The Alternative Press: The Unique Panzerschreck

The Rock of Waterloo: Low-Level Napoleonic Tactics in Hougoumont

Rebel Charge at Corinth: An Overview of Fire in Mississippi

OnLine of Departure Support: Two Scenarios for TalonSoft's Age of Sail

The Battlecruisers Collide: A Scenario for Avalon Hill's Jutland



Issue 36 (Fall 2000)

Windows on the Panther: A Review of Steel Panthers World at War Version 4.0

Macedonian Twilight: The Battles of GMT's Phalanx

The Age of Addiction: Discovering Real Time Strategy Gaming with Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings

Da Nang Perimeter 1965: A Scenario for Avalon Hill's Firepower


Issue 35 (Summer 2000)

Rebellion in the Holy Land: A Review of Khyber Pass Games' The Jewish War

An Unheralded Beginning: The Place of Stonewall in Wargaming History

Between Two Fires, On Two Fronts: Israeli Player's Notes On the Middle East 1973 Scenario of The Operational Art of War II

Every Battle Unforeseen: The Case for Hypothetical Scenarios for Historical Conflicts

Noble Experiments, Mixed Results: The First American Fleet Boats, for Avalon Hill's Submarine

A Hex Control Optional Rule for Proud Monster 



Issue 34 (Spring 2000)

Masters of the Horse: A Review of Cataphract

Freeing the Panther: An Overview of Steel Panthers: World War II

Mussolini's African Dream: A Profile of Lion of Ethiopia

The Terminated Legacy: The Computerized 5th Fleet, in Perspective

Hitler's Panzers North: Barbarossa's Northern Flank in


Issue 33 (Winter 1999)

Andrew Jackson's Victory: The New Orleans Campaign in Battle for the Bayous

We Sail Against England!: Strategic Issues in Britain Stands Alone

OnLine of Departure Support: A Harpoon Classic 97 Scenario for American Shores


Issue 32 (Fall 1999)

The Enhanced Legend: Desert Warfare in The Legend Begins

Bonaparte and Kaiser: Examining The Franco-Prussian War, in Strategy & Tactics

OnLine of Departure Support: Returning to Iceland in Harpoon Classic 97 and Harpoon Classic for Windows

Finer Wings: Optional Rules for Richtofen's War

The Alternative Press: The Second Coming of Paper Wars



Issue 31 (Summer 1999)

Upon the Wine-Dark Sea: Ancient Naval Tactics in War Galley

Hammer to Fall: A Review of Turning the Tables

OnLine of Departure Support: An Early World War III Scenario for Steel Panthers II

The Great Bug Hunt: Science Fiction Tactics in the Original Starship Troopers



Issue 30 (Spring 1999)

Caesar's War, Caesar's Fortune: A Review of Caesar: Conquest of Gaul

Empires of the New World: Colonial Expansion in Conquistador

OnLine of Departure Support: Scenarios for Steel Panthers and Steel Panthers III, Featuring the British Army in World War II

Crossroads Before Waterloo: The Battle of Quartre Bras in Ney vs. Wellington


Issue 29 (Winter 1998)

That Tragic Beach: The Bay of Pigs Invasion in Cuba Libre!

OnLine of Departure Support: Two Scenarios for Harpoon Classic and Harpoon Classic 97

Fire to the Front, River to the Rear: Innovation and Influence in Storm Over Arnhem

Warriors and Soldiers: Samurai's Place in the Great Battles of History Series

Night Battle at Kabatiya: A Scenario for Avalon Hill's IDF


Issue 28 (Fall 1998)

Panthers on the Prowl: The Complete Steel Panthers Arsenal

La Lucha Para la Liberdad de la Argentina: Una Revista de Caseros 1852, Por Randy Moorehead

Blackhorse Charge 1989: A Scenario for MBT

The Alternative Press: The Boardgamer and Simulacrum



Issue 27 (Summer 1998)


Jack's Navy: Two Views of World War II Naval Combat, in White Ensign/Rising Sun and Iron Bottom Sound II

Built-In Blitzkrieg: The Inherent Superiority of the Wehrmacht in Victory in the West

Rommel on the Nile: A Review of Panzers at the Pyramids

Dark Days in the Pacific: Three Early Pacific War Scenarios for Avalon Hill's Submarine



Issue 26 (Spring 1998)

The Sunset Empire: The Third Edition of Napoleon at Bay

Birth of a Nation: A Review of First Arab-Israeli War

OnLine of Departure Support: Six Scenarios for Age of Sail

Commander's Displays: Player's Aids for Caesar

Marching to Die: Early Great War Tactics in SPI's Soldiers


Issue 25 (Winter 1997)

Take Me to the River: A Review of Eastwall

Build Your Own Panzers: Computerized Armor Combat in Wargame Construction Set II: Tanks!


Issue 24 (Fall 1997)


Last Thrust Before Moscow: A Look at SPI's Operation Typhoon

Can We Force the Rhine?: The First Battle of the Third World War in Fifth Corps

The Alternative Press: The SPI Revival eZine

Rainbow Demons: Magical Warfare in Sorcerer

Strategy & Tactics On the Small Screen: The Classic Wargames Video Library


Issue 23 (Summer 1997)

Keep Me on the Glide Path: Over the Reich Comes to the Computer

Expanding the Unfought War: Scenarios for MBT, With IDF Resources

Errata to GMT's Britain Stands Alone, As of July 2, 1997

Endgame 1918: A Review of Ted Raicer's All Quiet on the Western Front?

Gunfire at the Longest Range: Play-By-Mail Naval Tactics With Thunder at Sea


Issue 22 (Spring 1997)

Battle Sail and Broadsides: A Review of TalonSoft's Age of Sail

Shiloh's Smaller Brother: The Tactics of SPI's Wilson's Creek

The Smell of Oil and Gas in the Air: The Elements of Tactics in Landships!

Squad Rosters for Firepower


Issue 21 (Winter 1996)

Sun and Steel: The Tactics of Feudal Japan in Samurai

Alternatives to the Alternate History: Variants for NATO, Nukes & Nazis

Spring Storm in the Ukraine: The Forgotten Battle of Kharkov

Young Bonaparte in Italy: Napoleon's 1796 Campaign in Arcola


Issue 20 (Fall 1996)

Forgotten Fronts: The Great War in the Near East In Review

The Return of the Marlborough Man: A Review of Fields of Glory

First Blood at Bull Run: Strategy in Forward to Richmond!

Gettysburg in a Small Place: Masahiro Yamazaki's Gettysburg 1863

The Alternative Press: Perry Moore's A7V


Issue 19 (Summer 1996)

Modern Tactics For a New Era: Fighting Tomorrow's Wars With TacOps For Windows

A New Arena For Ambush: A Map and Scenarios for Firepower

Roads to Vicksburg: The Civil War, Brigade Series and Champion Hill

Areas of Battles: Developer's Notes to They Met at Gettysburg


Issue 18 (Spring 1996)

A World of Battles: The Complete Harpoon Classic on CD-ROM

September Fury: Tactics in Bloodiest Day


Ramses Goes to War: Pre-Classical Tactics in Kadesh

Refining the Battlefield: Rules Variants for Firepower

Aircraft Rosters for Tac Air


Issue 17 (Winter 1995)

Randy Rolls His Own: A Look at Rommel at the Meuse and Operation Dragon Rouge

Ave Imperator!: The Elements of Power in Imperium Romanum II

Tighter Ranks: A Modified Dismounted Doctrine for MBT and IDF

Foundations of Victory: Reasons for Macedonian Supremacy in the Deluxe Great Battles of Alexander


Issue 16 (Fall 1995)

Through the Westwall: A Review of Piercing the Reich

Multimedia Wings: The Discovery Channel's Wings Over Europe CD-ROM

East Asian Inferno: Understanding The China War

Developer's Notes to Bloodiest Day: The Battle of Antietam

Errata for Bloodiest Day: The Battle of Antietam
by Peter Perla and Jim Werbaneth


Somme 1918: A Review of Black Day of the German Army



Issue 15 (Summer 1995)

From Desert Plains: The Expanded Game of The Legend Begins

Days of Atonement: Playing the Israelis in Conflict: Middle East

The Alternative Press: Air Power

Battle to the Ends of the Earth: The Deluxe Edition of The Great Battles of Alexander



Issue 14 (Spring 1995)

Bear in the Water: 5th Fleet Comes to the Computer

The Marches of Rome: Fighting for Rome's Frontiers in Barbarians

Tutorial to Battle: Gettysburg on CD-ROM

Wings Over Germany: Fighting in the Skies, In Over the Reich

Hard Roads to Damascus: A Review of Operation Shock Troop

Errata for GMT's Britain Stands Alone


Issue 13 (Winter 1994)

Red Blitzkrieg: Ring of Fire in Review

Opposing the Eagle: Alea Magazine's Medellín 1809

A Collision of Empires: The Strategic Foundations of Tannenburg

A Quick Fix: The First Issue of Game Fix

Deceptive Counterinsurgency: Morale, Pacification and Military Operations in Vietnam


Issue 12 (Fall 1994)

The System is the Star: A Review of Triumphant Fox

The Missing Airbases: A Player's Aid for Gulf Strike

Playtest Report: The Hills of Stanley

Playtester's Notes: Spearhead Games' Bodyguard Overlord

Starvation Island and Ironbottom Sound: A Review of Campaign for Guadalcanal

Evolution in Action: Designer's Notes to Frozen Chosin



Issue 11 (Summer 1994)

War Beneath the Waves: Submarine Warfare in 3W's Run Silent, Run Deep

Gross Deutschland Goes to War: A Review of GD'40

Player's Aids for GD'40

The Alternative Press: The Strategist


Issue 10 (Spring 1994)

Return to the Last Parallel: A Review of GMT's Crisis: Korea 1995

Forgotten Ships: British 13.5 Inch-Gunned Battleships, for The Royal Navy
by Jim Werbaneth and Ryan Schultz


Combined Operations 332 BC: A Review of Alexander at Tyre


Issue 9 (Winter 1993)

To Plunder a New World, Or to Build a New One: Economics in Conquistador

The Alternative Press: The Research Paper

Playtest Reports: Landships and Bloodbath at Borodino


Issue 8 (Fall 1993)


Sinai to Golan: IDF in Review

Player's Aids for MBT and IDF

The Ultimate Panzers Go to War: Two Scenarios for MBT


Issue 7 (Summer 1993)

Lights Out in Europe: Fighting the Great War Through Fatal Alliances

The Alternative Press: Perfidious Albion and Cry "Havoc!"

Mexican Showdown: A Look at Buena Vista

Battle for Empire: Command's Blood & Iron in Review


Issue 6 (Spring 1993)

Once More, Across the Don: A Review of Campaign to Stalingrad

Capitolismo Hicido Loco: Lords of the Sierra Madre en Bromo y Lucro



Issue 5 (Winter 1992)

Radioactive Moles and Resurgent Communists: A Review of Red Christmas

Fresno No More: FGA Sold

Collision at Wagram: A Review of Napoleon on the Danube


Issue 4 (Fall 1992)

To the Rijn: Strategy in Airbridge to Victory

The Alternative Press: Three Foreign Publications

The Wettest Desert, The Driest Jungle: Strategy in The Chaco War

Issue 3 (Summer 1992)

Two by Perry Moore: Landships and Leros 1943 in Review

Other Invasions: Variants for Inchon

Going to the Wall: Three Games of Siege Warfare

Player's Aids for Sideshow



Issue 2 (Spring 1992)

The Amateur Press: The Wargame Collector's Journal

Extended Strategems: A Variant for Trajan

The Lay of the Land: Terrain for Firepower

Inchon Errata and Combat Option

Fast Movers: The Aircraft of Tac Air

Filling Out the Fleet: Still More Ships for The Royal Navy

Roads to Moscow... And From It: Variations on Battle for Moscow


Issue 1 (Winter 1991)


A Look at Jutland: Duel of the Dreadnoughts

More Battlewagons: Additional Dreadnoughts for The Royal Navy

Common Seas: Naval Surface Tactics for Wargamers

The Electronic Cordon: NATO Air Defense in Computer Harpoon



All articles dated 2008 and earlier were originally published on the now-defunct Line of Departure/The Wargamer site.  In January 2009 they were republished on a new Line of Departure Online Features site, at www.jimwerbaneth.com/online_features.  All projects from 2009 were published there only.

January 10, 2022

Anatomy of a Failure: The Defeat of the Soviet Kharkov Offensive, 1942



December 31, 2021

Churchill the Indispensable: How the Prime Minister Became the Most Important Figure of World War II


December 19, 2021
Portrait of the Führer as a Compulsive Gambler: How Winning Early Warped Hitler's Perceptions of Strategy


December 11, 2016
The Logistical Foundations of Grant's Overland Campaign of 1864


December 17, 2014

The 77th Infantry Division in World War II: A Study in Excellence



May 27, 2013

Battle for Britanny: Analysis of Patton's Post D-Day Diversion


December 18, 2012
Normandy Counteroffesive: An Analysis of the Battle of Mortain, August 1944


Heinz Guderian: A Short Biography



December 27, 2011

Scott's Mexico City Campaign: Jomini, Clausewitz and Winfield Scott



May 5, 2011
One Battle, Three Perspectives: How Three Leading Military Historians View Grant's Role in the First Hours of Shiloh




January 18, 2011

Military History for Beginners: My Own Introduction to Teaching Military History at the College Level




April 14, 2008

That Classic, Again: Modern Naval Warfare with Larry Bond's Harpoon ― Commander's Edition



¡Viva El Presidente!: Fun With Economics and Government in Tropico




January 6, 2008

Three Dragons: The Asian Dynasties Expansion for Microsoft's Age of Empires III



One Nomination: Reasons Why StarCraft Might Be the Best Real Time Strategy Game Ever




August 9, 2007

Decisive Stalingrad: A Preview of Stalingrad: Pivot on the Volga for Turning Point Simulations




June 24, 2007

Beyond the Classic: Global War at Sea with Harpoon 3: Advanced Naval Warfare




April 14, 2007

Indigenous Powers: The Warchiefs Expansion Expansion for Microsoft's Age of Empires III




June 18, 2006

The Sun Rises Early: A Review of War Plan Orange




June 7, 2006

Magnum Opus of the Pacific: An Overview of War in the Pacific, From Matrix Games




Exploring for the Ages: The Extra Roles of Explorers in Age of Empires III




November 28, 2008

Fantasyland Goes Retro: Fantasy Warfare in Land of Legends




July 28, 2005

Mrs. Thatcher's War: A Review of Shrapnel Games' The Falklands War: 1982



Beaches to Breakout: Battles in Normandy for the Personal Computer




June 20, 2005

The Global Game: The Second World War on the Grandest Scale, in Gary Grigsby's World at War Computer Game




February 19, 2005

Ages of Nations: A Look at Rise of Nations and the Thrones and Patriots Expansion



Miniatures March Across the Monitor: A Review of Tin Soldiers: Alexander the Great




May 2, 2003

The Traveling Trade Show: A Review of Interstellar Trader 2




February 2, 2003

Process Into Product: A Design Methodology for Board Wargames



November 10, 2002

The Moveable Heritage: How the Evolution of Computer Games Obscures Their Own History and What Can Be Done About It



TalonSoft's Tactics: Playing World War II Battles With the Campaign Series of Computer Games




June 25, 2002

The Raiders: An Analysis of Naval Surface Commerce Raiding Since the Elizabethan Era




May 29, 2002

New Battlegrounds: The Clone Campaigns Expansion for Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds




February 7, 2002

Age of the Force: The Star Wars Universe Comes to Real Time Strategy, in Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds




January 1, 2002

Afghanistan Post-Mortem: Early Lessons of the War Against Al-Quaida and the Taliban




October 19, 2001

The Law and the Wargame: My Experience as a Guest at a Premier Law School




October 5, 2001

A Pox on the World: Science Fiction's Most Disturbing Aliens, in StarCraft



Revolution in Hand: The Potential Impact of the Smallest Computers on Board Wargaming




September 14, 2001

The Brutal Road to Security: First Thoughts on the First War of the Twenty-First Century




December 24, 2000

Guide to Conquest: A Review of the Official Strategy Guide to the Conquerors Expansion to Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings



October 18, 2000

Invasions in Real Time: Amphibious Strategies in Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings



The Age of Conquerors: The Conquerors Expansion to Set for Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings




January 23, 2000

A Case Study of Case Yellow: The Fall of France in The Operational Art of War Volume I




July 26, 1999

Defining "Modern:" Wargaming's Problematic Era